Image: Panorama Eiterfeld Osthessen Germany called "Hessisches Kegelspiel" (Cold Vulcans of Iceage)

WEB-SDR Hamradio Receiver RTL-SDR V3 for
Shortwave 70cm 80m Band - Satellite QO-100 Oscar100
Antenna Location Eiterfeld Osthessen Germany 355m Altitude

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Local Time (UTC+1)

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Sunspot Monitor (DX - Funkwetter):
DX Sun Spot Monitor Hamradio Shortwave

WebSDR Receivers Location Eiterfeld Osthessen:
WebSDR 70cm Hamradio Wasserkuppe, Fulda, Hoherodskopf Relay's

WebSDR 80M Hamradio Europe Shortwave Band

ADS-B Flugradar Monitor Location Eiterfeld Osthessen:
ADS-B 1090 Airband Flugradar FRA Range 1000km

Webcam Weatherstation Eiterfeld with Photos:
Wetterstation Webcam Eiterfeld Osthessen Germany

My own QO-100 Oscar-100 Eshail-2 Satellite WebSDR
OSCAR-100 Eshail-2 Satellite RTL-SDR Hamradio Groundstation

Impressum + DSGVO:
Impressum + DSGVO

Developer Thomas Sternasky

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